Current Student Info

Current Student Info


Term Dates

Term 3

Monday 20th July to Sunday 27th September

10 week term

Term 4 

Monday 12th Oct to Monday 7th December (depending on year-end events).

No classes are held Labour Monday 26th October.

8 week term

Please note:

Our 2020 tuition fees are based on an 8-week minimum term.  Some terms may be longer but are not charged extra. Students who miss classes due to public holidays may be offered the chance to attend a different day catch-up class.  Workshops may be added or classes not held during exam or concert weeks.


Wellington Dance & Performing Arts Academy offers age-appropriate performance opportunities for all students.  As students progress through the ballet and jazz grades, this can include learning group or solo routines for dance competitions.

Here are the steps for those interested:

  1. Talk with your teacher, Wendy and Suzanne and let them know you are interested.
  2. If we think it is the right time and fit for you, we will recommend you join an extension class.
  3. From these, we cast competition groups and offer private lessons for solos.

We have a closed facebook group for WDA families who are involved with extension class, competition groups or solos.  Information about upcoming competitions, entry forms etc will be posted there.


Concert Header 2019

Parents please note:  Our concert is a biennial event with concerts planned for 2019 and 2021.  In 2020 we will hold an in-class presentation and/or casual performance


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Pre-Primary, Primary, Grades 1-8, Repertoire 2, Vocational

Ballet Exam Groups, Practices and Exam times Notice 2020

Please email with any questions.


Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Tap & Musical Theatre 

NZAMD Exam Dates and Times 2020