Student Success

Recent Student & Staff Successes!


Manawatu Arts Competition: Jemima Scott (3rd from left) won the Most Outstanding Ballet Dancer, Most Outstanding Jazz Dancer and the Senior Ballet Variation at the Manawatu Arts Competition.

Rosewood Competition: Heidi Craig (1st from left) won the Senior Variation and 1st in Senior Classical (2nd from left pictured with Lara Flannery and Jemima Scott)

Rotorua Competition: Bethany Lines (4th from left) 2nd Contemporary, 3rd Barefoot, 4th Classical, 5th Character

comps t2 2016

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Congratulations to Tabitha Dombroski, who has accepted a place at the New Zealand School of Dance (Classical) for 2016. Tabitha

Also huge congrats to Ngaere Jenkins (who takes ballet at Wellington Dance and contemporary and jazz at Step Out Dance Co. Kilbirnie) for winning the PACANZ Modern Dance Nationals, and being accepted in the the New Zealand School of Dance (Contemporary).

Many other students are finalising plans for full-time dance study in 2016, Olivia Yeo has been accepted to Transit Dance Melbourne, and Jana Baldovino will study in Sydney for a year before heading to Rambert Ballet London.  We will recognise all our leaving students at our end-of-year concert.

Miss Hunt has been nominated in the Arts section for The Dominion Post Wellingtonian of the Year!

What a wonderful weekend at the ABTC competitions!  Here are some of the results, including a very impressive showing in the Special Awards, junior and senior.  Well done everyone, looking forward to more fun and success at competitions next year.


  • Most Promising Unplaced Dancer Under 12:  Katey Bradley
  • Junior Variation:  Gemma Kemp
  • Senior Variation:  Jemima Scott
  • Most Promising Senior Dancer (Variation):  Lara Flannery
  • Most Promising Classical Dancer Over 12Y:  Chacha Ellis
  • Most Outstanding Item:  Lokyee Szeto for her Lyrical Dance
  • Adjudicator’s choice for Best Choreography:  Wellington Dance Academy          Under The Same Sun
  • Highest Mark Any Solo Dance:  Jemima Scott for Lyrical (shared with Brianna Leary)
  • Most Outstanding Dancer:  Jemima Scott
  • Highest Aggregate 13Y:  Heidi Craig Classical, Barefoot, Demi & Character
  • Highest Aggregate 14Y:  Jemima Scott  Pointe, Barefoot, Demi & Character


  • Classical 12Y Gemma Kemp
  • Classical 13Y Heidi Craig
  • Barefoot 13Y Lokyee Szeto
  • Demi-Character 13Y Heidi Craig
  • Character 13Y            Heidi Craig
  • Pointe 13Y     Heidi Craig
  • Pointe 14Y     Jemima Scott
  • Barefoot 14Y Jemima Scott
  • Demi-Character 14Y Jemima Scott
  • Character 14Y            Lara Flannery
  • Classical 15Y & Over            Tabitha Dombroski
  • Impromptu Classical 11Y&U          Olivia Morphew
  • Impromptu Classical 12Y&Over     Jemima Scott
  • Impromptu Barefoot 11Y&U           Olivia Morphew
  • Impromptu Barefoot 12Y&Over      Jemima Scott
  • Impromptu Duo – Open       Jemima Scott & Amelia Haxton
  • Group Dance (Open Ballet)           Wellington Dance Academy          Boundless
  • Neo-Classical Under 12Y    Olivia Morphew
  • Neo-Classical 12Y & Over   Walis Turner-Holmes
  • Lyrical 12Y & Over     Jemima Scott (1st = with Brianna Leary)
  • Classical 14Y & Over            Jemima Scott
  • Bethany Lines for VHC in Character 12yrs, first time with this dance, VHC Classical and HC Barefoot.
  • Olivia Morphew (1st Neo classical under 12y, 1st Lyrical 10 & under 12y, 1st Contemporary 10&under 12y, 1st Impromptu classical, 1st Impromptu barefoot, 2nd Barefoot 11y, 3rd Junior Variation, 2nd Impromptu duo)
  • Amelia Haxton (3rd in the intermediate ballet championship, 3rd for barefoot 12yrs, 3rd for character 12yrs, 1st impromptu duo with Jemima).