Tuition & Terms

2023 Terms

Term 1

Friday 10th February to Thursday 6th April 

Term 2

Monday 24th April to Tuesday 27th June

Studio Holidays:  

ANZAC Day Tuesday 25 April

King’s Birthday Monday 5 June

Term 3

Monday 17th July to Sunday 24th September


Term 4

Monday 9th Oct to Sunday 10th December (depending on year-end events) 

Studio Holidays:  Labour Monday 23rd October 


2023 Theatre Show Dates

Sat 9th and/or Sun 10th December 2023, Victoria University Memorial Theatre.


Please note:

2023 tuition fees are based on an 8-week minimum term.  Some terms may be longer but are not charged extra.  Students who miss classes due to public holidays may be offered the chance to attend a different day catch-up class or workshop.  Workshops may also be held to replace classes not held during exam or concert weeks.


2023 Tuition Fees and Discounts

Registration Fee:

A one-off registration fee of $25 per new student or $40 per new family.  


Tuition Term Packages:

2023 terms are a minimum of 8 weeks, some terms are longer (9 or 10 weeks) but there is no extra cost.

Term tuition packages include:

    • Weekly class
    • Student access to WDA Practice page (dance at home class videos, exam dances & exercises)
    • Preschoolers:  Annual Certificate Presentation Class 
    • Juniors, Grades & Seniors:  Annual opportunity to enter for performance awards, medal tests or exams, with the Royal Academy of Dance or New Zealand Association of Modern Dance.
    • Opportunity to shine in our 2023 theatre show!  We do a theatre show once every two years and a relaxed studio demonstration in the alternate year -  a nice balance of low key and high excitement!
    • All required performance rehearsals.
    • Catch up class/es in another class of your level, by appointment & space permitting, in cases of vacation/illness.
    • Satisfaction guarantee - we will work with you to find a great class fit, or refund any tuition paid.
    • Plus lots of fun events & studio surprises throughout the year!

30-Min Classes (1x/week)

$140 per term
  • 1 class per week
  • Eg. Any Preschool Classes, Ballet Pre-Primary, Jazz Pre-Primary

30-Min Classes (2x+/week)

$136 per class, per term
  • 2 or more classes per week
  • Eg. Ballet Pre-Primary, Jazz Pre-Primary

45-Min Classes (1x/week)

$180 per term
  • 1 class per week
  • Eg. Ballet Primary, Jazz Primary

45-Min Classes (2x+/week)

$176 per class, per term
  • 2 or more classes per week
  • Eg. Ballet Primary, Jazz Primary

1-Hour Classes (1x/week)

$190 per term
  • 1 class per week
  • Eg. Ballet Grades, Jazz Grades

1-Hour Classes (2x+/week)

$186 per class, per term
  • 2 or more classes per week
  • Eg. Ballet Grades, Jazz Grades

75-Min Classes (1x/week)

$200 per term
  • 1 class per week
  • Eg. Ballet Senior Levels

75-Min Classes (2x+/week)

$196 per class, per term
  • 2 or more classes per week
  • Eg. Ballet Senior Levels

Extras:  Exam practices, pianist rehearsals and competition team rehearsals.


Family discount = 5%

Annual payment discount = 5%


Dance private lesson 30 mins – $45

Dance private lesson 60 mins – $90


Upon registration, you must supply a credit card as we do our tuition fees by term by automatic payment by credit card. We send an invoice in advance of the term start date, and you can pay by this date by internet banking or cheque if you prefer. Unpaid balances will be charged to your credit card on the first day of term. There is also an option to be invoiced for the full year with a 5% discount. Students may stop classes with two weeks advance notice to enable us to offer the space to another student and adjust accounts.  Tuition must be paid during the two week notice period.


Time For Dancing Ltd (trading as Wellington Dance) is a New Zealand owned business. All tuition fees will be charged in NZD. The name that will appear on your statement will be Wellington Dance. See above for a full list of tuition fees. Click here for studio policies, terms and conditions.


Exam fees will be advised in advance of sign-up and charged on a nominated date.


When costumes are required for performances (2023 is a theatre show year!) we source and/or make for you – no sewing required. Fee amounts will be emailed and handed out in class and you will have the option at that point to not participate.


Tuition fees will be charged to your nominated credit card on the following dates. If you would prefer to pay by internet banking or cheque you can pay before these dates, and your credit card will therefore not be charged.

Term 1 payment date:  Wednesday 8th February

Term 2 payment date:  Wednesday 26th April

Term 3 payment date:  Wednesday 19th July

Term 4 payment date:  Wednesday 11th October